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Posted on 27 August 2013


CS writes letter to Hon' CGMT Guj and Sr GM- HR, for speedy solution of Inter (Rule-8) and Intar Circle transfer cases. Click here for letter

This issue is being aggressively pursued. Meeting with management also planned.

Posted on 26 August 2013

!!! Congratulation !!!

Dear friends!!! The result of LICE for vacancies up to 31.3.2013 held on dated 02.06.2013 for promotion to grade of JTO (Telecom) under 35% quota has been declared by Circle office.

AIGETOA, Gujarat congratulates all successfully qualified candidates. Click here for result

Posted on 31 July 2013

CMD to cut short his tour..

CMD to cut short his tour because of the massive pressure and going to fly back today evening. BSNL management is fully exposed in ministrial level of their inefficiency, discrimination and work doings. Great work by core groups.

All come to DELHI and ensure 100% participation of agitation.

Click here for image

Posted on 30 July 2013

Hon' MP- Shri Jagdambika Pal addressing AIGETOA gathering

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Posted on 30 July 2013

Press report on AIGETOA strike from Valsad ssa ...

Click here for press report

Posted on 30 July 2013

Message to all our friends from CS & CP...

Matter is much serious. management is adamant on destroying us (all DRs0. Destroying our salary, our growth, our oldage. FRIENDS WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE THAN TO AGITATE.

Its question of our very survival. PLZ UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS FRIENDS

Friends back at home. Pls dont let our pains go waste.Plz dony go to duties. Plz each and every 1 personally call the accounta officers of ahmedabad and ask them not to go to work. It is CS and CP request to call all JTOs in ahmedabad and baroda for motivating them. Each one call 5 JTOs and try two convince.

Posted on 29 July 2013

Historic Day-1 of Mass Demonstration (29.07.2013)

100% Participation throughout the country and more than 4000 members of AIGETOA participated with full commitment & solidity in DHARNA at New Delhi for the resolution of our RIGHTS.

GS Shri R P Shahu, President Shri Abhishek Chaudhary, AGS Shri Amit Roy and OS Gujarat Shri Sudhir  had a meeting with Director (HR) and Sr GM (Pers) and discussed the issues in detail. Director (HR) while appreciated the issues and shown his concern but could not extend firm commitment towards resolution of the issues. He agreed to look into all the issues raised by this association with positive approach but in the absence of CMD BSNL who is right now out of country, he could not give any commitment which can be treated as concrete. As all the issues raised by this association are our very basic right and genuine need for survival in the government company are pending since long time.

We cannot call off our historic agitation on mere assurance, it is not easy to generate such historic momentum every time hence this time association has a firm commitment to come back after final resolution of the issues. This association appeals all the direct recruits fraternity to please extend your support and don't let this cadre to die down. This event will be written in golden ink for up-liftment of the direct recruitment fraternity in BSNL just extend your few days contribution to your own cause and make arrange to reach Delhi as much as possible, if not made so far. if at all not possible to reach New Delhi please do not attend the office till we reach to resolution of the issues.


Posted on 29 July 2013

Live streamiing of agitation and Sahu sir's address in aigetoachq.org from 02:30 PM afternoon today

Posted on 29 July 2013

Sudhir Singh (OS-AIGETOA-GUJ) (Bath-2007) our friend has been selected in the core group AIGETOA CHQ for negotiations with Directors and CMD. Let us give him full support by 100% participation in agitation

Posted on 28 July 2013

(( BRAVO ...!!! With printed AIGTOA T'shirts and big banners 187 of our brave DRs are marching for DELHI to wage final battle at DELhI ))
This is happening first time in AIGETOA - GUJARAT
Others why are you stopping yourself?? Break ur shel, get yourself geard to reach Delhi. Such big opurtunity may not again come. Aur kya pata... "KAL HO NA HO"

Posted on 24 July 2013

Agitation update ....

All DS DP are requested to steeply ramp up the agitation in their SSA.

Clipping in "Rajasthan Patrika" regarding our agitation from AIGETOA Valsad. Click here for letter

Posted on 23 July 2013


BSNL Engineers, Account Officers threaten mass stir

Click here for details

Posted on 23 July 2013


Excellent work by all DS DP and office bearers. 420 DRs is absent from duties in Gujarat. Large successful demonstration in front of circle office. Keep it up friends

As of now updated leave status
Ahmedbada 80
Amreli 30
Bhuj 34
Bharuch 19
Bhavnagar 11
Godhra 30
Jamnagar 23
Junagadh 19
Mehsana 6
Nadiad 10
Palanpur 19
Rajkot 17
Surrendranagar 21
Surat 28
Valsad 40
Vadodara 01
Himmatnagar 17
Grand total 420

Posted on 14 July 2013

No More Wait !!! No More Discrimination !!!

No More Injustice !!! & No More Humiliation !!!

Get Ready for Final Revolution !!!

GS served Notice for organizational activity Click here for notice and same is endorsed by Shobhraj Meena, CS AIGETOA, Gujarat. Click here for endorsed letter
Activity to be observed:

  • From 15th-July-2013 to 20th-July-2013 : Mass Signature Campaigning and working with Black Badges.
  • From 22nd July-2013 onwards : Mass Leave.
  • From 29th onwards : Mass Demonstration at BSNL corporate office, New Delhi.
Our rights are as under:
  1. Finalization of standard pay scale as directed by DPE followed by 2nd PRC i.e. E2 for JTO equivalent and E3 for SDE equivalent with additional increment to executives recruited on or after 01-01-2007 to maintain the parity between executives recruited before 01-01-2007.
  2. Implementation of 30% superannuation benefits in respect of direct recruits executives as directed by DPE followed by 2nd PRC.
  3. Stop external DGM/MT recruitment hence scrape the RR, same must be recruited within among internal executives and implement the time bound functional promotion instead financial upgradation on the basis for stringent performance and qualification as of top leading CPSEs to fill the gap at middle level executives.
  4. Resolution of EPF anomalies in respect of direct recruits.
  5. Immediate cancellation of mass displacement executed in posting order issued in promotion against LDCE (33% quota) for SDE (T) held on 4th March-2012 from some circle like AP, Odisha, Punjab. Maharashtra , MP and KTK. Execute the longest stay list to maintain the shortfall of SDEs in some circles.
  6. Maintain uniformity in first time bound upgradation i.e. four years in respect of all executives.
  7. At par facilities to this association as of SNEA/AIBSNLEA.
All representatives and members should start gathering and mass campaigning tirelessly to motivate every direct recruits of BSNL irrespective of their membership. SSA executives bodies are requested to make a committee comprising 3-4 members and ensure to approach/contact every direct recruits by phone, mail, social media, personal meeting etc and convince and motivate them for their participation in this final revolution.
This association appeal all direct recruits of BSNL please give your hands to secure your right and respect in the ocean of vested interest. Only support of every direct recruits will decide our future hence don't be selfish and come to save this long deprived cadre.

Posted on 11 June 2013


All DS / DP submit the Memorandum of MTRR to Dir HR through proper channel. Latest by today 15:00 hrs.
Click here for memorandum

Posted on 10 June 2013

Kind attention ! Burning issue of Jamnagar SSA...

AIGETOA- Gujarat appreciates the bold Step taken by AIGETOA-Jamnagar against the SSA Management. Jamnagar- SSA management is doing open discrimination against DR executives and unlawfully favoring promotie executives, In transfers.
AIGETOA-Jamnagar have rolled up their sleeves and considering various options (including a hunger strike) against such anarchy and hostile behavior of the management.
We extend all support to the AIGETOA-Jamnagar, and every AIGETOA member should be ready to support our brothers and if need arises go there for protest. As this is injustice against all DRs of Gujarat.

Posted on 07 April 2013

Office Bearer Meeting Held At Ahmedabad

Today, A meeting of AIGETOA Circle office bearers and DS/DP was conducted at Ahmadabad.
Following points were discussed.
1.   CGMT Gujarat Meeting update.
2.   Intra Circle Issue.
3.   Inter Circle Issue.
4.   EPF Issue.
5.   Strategy to Strengthen Association.
6.   Pre-AIC meeting at Delhi.
AIGETOA, Gujarat Circle thanks to all the office bearers / DS / DP present in the meeting for healthy discussion. and request to all the members to contact their DS / DP for details on each of the above points.

And also all Office bearers and DS / DP are requested to
(A)   Participate, co-operate and closely with the circle office bearers team and activities.
(B)   Actively participate in association meeting.
(C)   Actively communicate messages to all members.
(D)   Conduct regular meeting with management at SSA level.

Posted on 03 April 2013

Meeting with Hon’ CGMT Gujarat and Hon’ Sr GM Admn & HR

Today, the Circle body members had a very fruitful meeting with Hon' CGMT Gujarat. AIGETOA extends a sincere thanks giving to Hon' CGMT Gujarat and Hon’ Sr GM Admn & HR for the same.
It was communicated to us that Management considers DRs as a very efficient workforce and consider us to be a very potent resource for the prosperity of the BSNL Gujarat.
All Issues were given a patient hearing and a positive approach by the management. Management further urged us (DRs) to prioritize, the betterment and turnover of BSNL over minor personal expectations and requests.
Regarding both the Inter and the Intra circle issue, assurance was given about reviewing special cases and consideration while future induction of JTOs. Further meeting would be conducted with Sr GM HR. for possible solutions and options for settlement of transfer cases of our members.
Giving due recognition to our association AIGETOA, Hon' CGMT Gujarat agreed to mark all the circulars to AIGETOA which are given to other association. (We have been demanding the same since one year)
In regard to the EPF problem cases, the details of such cases were asked for further action in that regard for the resolution of the same.

Posted on 14 Feb 2013

Great Initative by CS gujarat towards saving bsnl revenue

Congratulate to AIGETOA Gujarat Telecom Circle for the great endeavor towards saving of BSNL revenue in tune of Rs.2,25,00,000/- per year by searching the method to repair the faulty XCC cards. There are many young talents in BSNL who can do wonders for BSNL in all the area, the only thing is that management should believe to his internal executives and extend complete support and motivation.
Click here for the Detail of Cost Saving
Click here for Card Repair Procedure

Posted on 12 Jan 2013

Confirmation of JTOs Batch 2008

Congratulations!!! Confirmation of 2008 batch JTOs,,,,,,,,,,,, dear friends !!!. Click here for the list..

Posted on 01 Jan 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

A very happy and prosperous new year - 2013 to all BSNL family.

Posted on 29 Oct 2012

Confirmation of JTOs Batch 2007

Congratulations!!! Confirmation of 2007 batch JTOs,,,,,,,,,,,, dear friends !!! Our continuous perusal on Confirmation of JTO-2007 batch yields result... Click here for the list..

Posted on 01 Oct 2012


Posted on 11 Sep 2012

TTA Direct Recruitment Letter

TTA Direct Recruitment Letter - For wide Publicity . Click here for letter

Posted on 11 Sep 2012

JAO Part-II  Internal Competitive Exam

JAO Part-II  Internal Competitive Exam against 40% quota- To be held on 17th to 19th December 2012.. Click here for letter

Posted on 06 Sep 2012

Transfer Orders

Transfer Orders to ITPC-Pune :  Congratulations to all officers. Click here for letter

Posted on 06 Sep 2012

1st  IDA Pay Scale Up-gradation under Time bound Promotional Policy in the cadre of JTOs

1st  IDA Pay Scale Up-gradation under Time bound Promotional Policy in the cadre of JTOs  Rs.    16400-40500 to 20600- 46500  i.e.E1-E2 scale  to be reviewed as on  01.10.2011 & 01.10.2012.—     Reg  forwarding Vigilance clearance status thereof.  All DS/DP are requested to pursue matter at SSA level. Click here for letter

Posted on 05 Sep 2012

Circle office bearer's meeting detials .

Circle Office Bearer meeting held on 2nd Sep 2012 at Ahmedabad. Wherein various issue discussed and several resolutions passed. Brief of which is summarized as below:

* SSA Body if formed for 11 SSAs within very short period. Remaining SSA body will be formed shortly. All members are congratulated for this.
* Pay Anomaly issue of 2007-08 batch: Issue is taken up by CHQ body on strong representation by Circle body.  Circle has formulated committee for further inputs on this case.
* Various issues taken up by Circle Body with Management like
            * IntraCircle Transfer issues
            * Special Case of transfer of Smt Jyoti Kumari, Sh Dhawal Solanki & Sh.Prakash Rajput is being taken up with appropriate management level.
            * Monthly Waitlist of willingness transfer.
            * Confirmation of 2007-08 batch
* Legal Cell is established to support members for any legal issues. Cell will have collection of all circulars and letters beneficial to members.
* Sh. R.K. Niranjan, SDE BSS Palanpur (Mob 9426005222) is appointed as Asst Circle Sec. West Zone.
* Fund is important to run any establishment. All members are asked to coordinate.
* Website is update regularly; hence members are requested to visit the website for any News/Circulars. Members are requested for important suggestion.

Posted on 05 Sep 2012

A special case transfer of Smt. Jyoti Kumari.

A special case transfer of Smt. Jyoti Kumari to her parent circle Bihar was aggressively pursued by AIGETOA, both at Circle and SSA level. Today she is relived from Valsad SSA. We wish her good life..

Posted on 09 Aug 2012

AIGETOA deeply mourns the sudden demise of Shri A.G.Sajanani

AIGETOA deeply mourns the sudden demise of Shri A.G.Sajanani on 07.08.2012, father of our hon' Sr.G.M.(HR), Gujarat Telecom Circle. We extend our prayers for his soul to rest in peace and solidarity with his family members in these moments of sorrow.

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 Our Junagadh SSA body has been formed

Congratulations to all. Our junagdh SSA body has been formed.
DS: Lokesh Meena
DP: Jignesh Nimbark

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Our Mehasana SSA body has formed 

Congrats to all for mehasana SSA AIGETOA body formation successfully done.
DS: Vijay kumar chanda
DP: Nirupam mishra. 
All DR JTO of 12 SSA are now united at strong platform of AIGETOA


Posted on 21 July 2012

GS AIGETOA Shri R P Sahu writes to CMD, BSNL...

1. Record of discussions and decisions taken in the AGM held at Bangalore on 16th and 17th June-2012 and request for agenda meeting.

Click here for letter

2. Finalization of pay scale of executives recruited on or after 01.01.2007.

Click here for letter

3. Regarding extending trade union facilities to AIGETOA at par with SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA.

Click here for letter

4. Regarding conducting next LDCE for SDE (T) with single and common paper.

Click here for letter

Posted on 13 July 2012

CS writes to Hon.CGM for posting LDCE cleared JTOs (Oftg.SDEs) at their presently serving stations.

Click here for details

Posted on 11 July 2012

Formation of Jamnagar SSA body

In the presence of huge DRs, Jamnagar SSA District body is formed on 9th July 2012.

Click here for details

Posted on 09 July 2012

Formation of Amreli SSA body

In the presence of huge DRs, Amreli SSA District body is formed on 8th July 2012.

Click here for details

Posted on 04 July 2012

2007-08 Batch Pay Anomaly Committee

A Committee constituting of 05 members has been formed for in depth analysis of the 2007-08 pay anomaly issue. The committee will carry out in depth study over the issue, considering the similar cases country wide, other PSU and Central Govt., to find out the legal aspects and grounds to put forth our demand to the management.
The committee members with their contact no. are as below
1. Shobhraj Meena 9426668800
2. Devendra Khairnar 9427104445
3. Sudhir Singh 9428510485
4. Jalaj Parashar 9428828928
5. Mahesh Swami 9428823277
The committee members are requested to submit their report to the Circle office bearers latest by 15/7/2012, for further action in that regard. All DR JTOs / SDEs are requested to give their vital inputs to the Committee members, helping them to come with a comprehensive solution

Website development committee

A Committee constituting of 03 members has been formed for development of the AIGETOA Gujarat Website. The committee will closely study our websites and other similar websites, then suggest technology, ways and means to make the Website informative, interactive, user friendly and attractive
The committee members with their contact no. are as below
1. Yogesh Chavan 9427707900
2. Satyendra Verma 9426100511
3. Riyaz Mulla 9426605500
The committee members are requested to submit their report to the Circle office bearers latest by 15/7/2012, for further action in that regard. All DR JTOs / SDEs are requested to give their vital inputs to the Committee members, helping them to come with a comprehensive solution

Posted on 03 July 2012


"Repeated efforts and persuasion by AIGETOA, has resulted to forwarding of Inter-circle transfer applications of all the 17 LDCE cleared SDEs to corporate office. These cases will be further pursued by the CHQ body for the final transfers orders of these SDEs to their Circle of their choice."
"We are thankful to Hon CGMT Gujarat for considering to this request made in the meeting with his honor on dated 30/06/2012."

posted on 02 July 2012

Points Discussed with Hon CGMT Gujarat Circle in meeting on 30/06/2012

In meeting with Hon. CGMT following issues were discussed
1. Introduction of AIGETOA Office bearers: After a brief welcome speech and information regarding AIGETOA, all office bearers were introduced to the Hon CGMT Gujarat.
2. Hon CGMT Gujarat gave the overview of the present scenario of the Gujarat. His honor mentioned that Mobile / CMTS section and Broadband sections is doing well though there is further scope of improvement and growth, but the situation of Landline remains poor with worsening outdoor network and increasing voluntary closures.
3. Hon CGMT Gujarat gave his valuable suggestions for improving the outdoor sections, work culture and thus improving the service to put a check on voluntary closures.
4. Issue of Inter circle transfers of 17 SDEs cleared LDCE: The request was made to forward their transfer applications to the corporate office for further disposal of the matter. The Hon CGMT Gujarat agreed to fact that the applications have not been forwarded to corporate office due to severe shortage of SDEs in Gujarat and corporate office does not provide adequate number of substitutes. On strong argument & persuasion by office bearers, the Hon CGMT Gujarat assured to forward the applications on urgent basis.
5. Issue of Intra circle transfers : The grave injustice in recent intra circle transfers was highlighted, where in 42 Intra circle transfer applications of DR JTOs were bypassed and JTOs of much low ranking in waitlist, were unethically and unjustly prioritized. The office bearers insisted that discrimination cant be made on basis of age and year of recruitment in the same cadre and the policy should be unbiased, uniform, stable and transparent. The Hon CGMT Gujarat was convinced with the arguments and assured to look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible.
6. Delay in confirmation of DR JTOs (2007 Batch) : It was promptly noted by Hon CGMT Gujarat and DGM (Admn.). The DGM (Admn.) agreed a prompt action in this regard.
7. Marking of all circulars to AIGETOA : It was noted by Hon CGMT Gujarat and instructed DGM Admn for necessary action in this regard.

posted on 12 June 2012

3rd Gujarat Circle conference was successfully held on 11 june 2012 at Hotel Nalanda, Ahemedabad

"The Conference was chaired by shri R.P. Sahu GS AIGETOA and a new circle body was formed and various issues like pay anomaly of JTO 2007/08 batches, superannuation benefit, diversion of LDCE quota to DPC, transfer issues of JTOs/SDEs were discussed" .

3rd AIGETOA Gujarat Circle conference on 11th June at Ahemedabad

"All DR JTOs/SDEs are cordially invited to attend 3rd Gujarat Circle Conference of AIGETOA, which is scheduled on Monday 11th of June 2012 at Ahmedabad. This conference would be attended by the Hon GS AIGETOA R.P. Sahu, CGMT Gujarat and other prominent members from management and AIGETOA leaders from other circles." .

Timings: 11 AM to 6 PM
Hotel Nalanda, Mithakhali 6 Roads,
Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad.


2007-08 BATCH

1.Uniform pay structure in JTO cadre: To resolve pay anomaly of 2007 and 2008 batches.
2.Reduction in bond period: From five years to two years.
3.Inter-circle transfers : Several critical transfer cases like Spouse in govt. service, Mutual Transfer, Severe health problem cases etc. have been unjustly ignored by the management, without any justification or explanation whatsoever.
4.Intra-Circle transfers: Grave injustice was done to about 42 JTOs in the recent intra circle transfers. All the JTOs of 2007 batch in spite of completion of two years of service in a particular station and much higher in the waitlist were ignored.
5. Delay in confirmation of 2007 Batch.


6. Pay anomaly to the direct recruit executives due to wrong pay fixation on preponed of first time bound up-gradation followed by 2nd Pay revision of 2001 Batch.
7. Inter circle transfer of JTOs and SDEs working in Gujarat Circle since last 10 years.


Dear friends (DR JTOs / SDEs)
It's high time we should unite and raise our voice against injustice perpetuated on DR JTOs/SDEs at SSA, Circle or Corporate levels. The issues listed below are exactly contrary to the demands placed and persuasion done by other associations. In simple words when they win we loose on following points.
1) Hostile transfers within unit. 2) Unequal and excess load. 3) Grave harassment by giving memo & charge sheet to us, who are so hard working and well qualified officers.
1) Intra Circle Transfers: - Illegal exclusion of 2007& 2008 batch in recent intra circle transfers because of pressure & ground prepared by other associations to facilitate their OLD members. 2) Delay in confirmation of JTO of 2007 batch. 3) Inter and Intra circle transfers in special cases like Spouse case, Mutual Transfers cases and transfers on Critical health grounds.
Diversion of Backlog vacancies from LDCE quota (thousands of SDE seats) to seniority quota (DPC): In past, unfilled LDCE vacancies have never been diverted to seniority quota. But, now corporate office is planning to divert the Backlog vacancies from LDCE quota (thousands of SDE seats) to seniority quota (DPC), which means most of the undeserving and under qualified Officers will come above us and our prospects for growth will be fully stagnated for another decade. This is clear indication that this is done with biased / vested intentions to ruin our career growth giving a undue and undeserved advantage to our departmental JTOs. No association other than AIGETOA will raise this issue as the other association will first benefit their old and aged members. Above issues/discrimination /atrocities are carried by other associations to facilitate the need of their old members. New DR-JTOs who joined associations have been ditched & discriminated by these associations in issues like Intra Circle Transfers, LDCE Quota etc. "

Current News

Formation of Surendranagar SSA body

“In the presence of about more than 20 DRs, Surendranagar SSA District body is formed on 9th June 2012.
Click here for Surendranagar SSA body "

Formation of Surat SSA body

“In the presence of GJ Circle President P. K. Mathew and District Secreatary Valsad Riyazkhan Mulla, Surat SSA District body formed.
Click here for Surat SSA body "

Formation of Valsad SSA body

“ In the presence of about more than 30 Direct Recruitee JTOs/SDEs, new district body of Valsad SSA formed. Riyazkhan Mulla and P. K. Mathew were elected as District Secretary and District President resp. With more than 40 members, AIGETOA is the biggest executive association in Valsad SSA
Click here for Valsad SSA body "